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Dragon Ball Z Movie N.1 - La Vendetta Divina English Dubbed Mp4 Torrent

Dragon Ball Z Movie N.1 - La vendetta divina english dubbed mp4 torrent

Dragon Ball Z Movie N.1 - La vendetta divina (Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone) is the first movie based on the anime series Dragon Ball Z. It was released in Japan on July 15, 1989, and later dubbed in English by Funimation in 1997. The movie follows the story of Garlic Jr., a villain who seeks the Dragon Balls to gain immortality and take revenge on Kami, the guardian of Earth, who banished his father to a dark dimension. Goku and his friends must stop Garlic Jr. and his henchmen from unleashing a deadly force that could destroy the world.

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The movie is available for download in various formats, including mp4, on several torrent sites. However, downloading or sharing copyrighted content without permission is illegal and may result in legal consequences. Therefore, we do not recommend or endorse any such activity. Instead, we suggest you watch the movie legally through official channels, such as streaming services or DVDs.

If you are interested in learning more about the movie, here are some sources that you can check out:

  • : This is the Italian Wikipedia page for the movie, which provides a detailed plot summary, character information, production details, and reception.

  • : This is the page for the DVD of the movie, which includes the original Japanese audio and Italian subtitles. You can also read customer reviews and ratings.

  • : This is the Dragon Ball Wiki page for the movie, which offers a brief overview, trivia, gallery, and links to other related media.

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