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Penthouse January 1977

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Penthouse January 1977

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This chapter (pp. 273-315) from A Sympathetic History of Jonestown: The Moore Family Involvement in the Peoples Temple by Rebecca Moore (Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1985) examines external factors brought to bear on Jonestown from August 1977 to November 1978. The PDF of the chapter appears here.

Surveillance of the Church in San Francisco reveals evidence of large scale packing and crating indicative of an imminent move. One truck left San Francisco on July 9, 1977, for an unknown Gulf Coast port.

The jail houses a mix of pretrial detainees and convicted inmates. The jail's goal of rehabilitation is a legitimate goal only to the extent that it applies to the convicted inmates housed at the jail. It is not a legitimate goal to the extent that the jail is attempting to impose rehabilitation on the pretrial detainees housed at the jail. See United States v. Hearst, 563 F.2d 1331, 1345 n.11 (9th Cir. 1977) (" [A] pretrial detainee may assert his status as a shield against intrusive practices aimed solely at rehabilitation but not against practices aimed at security and discipline.")

My discomfort was revived this month when I read Peter Carlson's story ``Banning Books in the Schools: When Teachers and Fundamentalists Clash, Children Get Burned,'' in the Washington Post (Jan. 4, 1987). Carlson chronicles a bitter book war between a prizewinning English faculty at Mowat Middle School in Panama City, Fla., and fundamentalist parents. The parents objected to ``I Am the Cheese,'' a teen-age thriller by Robert Cormier, saying it was morbid, depressing, and vulgar. The Mowat faculty, like the administrators in my district, sidestepped matters of value, age-appropriateness, and taste. They cited the fact that ``Cheese'' was named one of the ``best young-adult books of 1977'' by Newsweek and the School Library Journal.

Brownie married William L. Moore, Ph.D. and moved to Houston, Texas in 1977. There she taught Science and Biology for 26 years. Before her move to Texas, her avocation involved developing and organizing the Norshore cotillion in Evanston. This commitment turned into a yearlong project. 041b061a72


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