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The Chor Chor Super Chor Full Movie In Hindi 720p

The Chor Chor Super Chor Full Movie In Hindi 720p

If you are looking for a comedy movie that explores Delhi's grey underbelly in a spleen bursting satirical way, you might want to check out The Chor Chor Super Chor full movie in Hindi 720p. This movie was released in 2013 and stars Deepak Dobriyal, Anshul Kataria, Priya Bathija, Paru Uma, Alok Chaturvedi, Bramha Mishra, Jagat Rawat, Chandrahas Tiwari, Anurag Arora, Avtar Sahni, and Shrikant Verma in the lead roles. The movie is directed by K. Rajesh and produced by Ved Kataria and Renu Kataria.

The plot of the movie revolves around Satbir (Deepak Dobriyal) and his friends who work as pickpockets and petty criminals in the streets of New Delhi. They are trained by Shukla ji (Avtar Sahni), who runs a small photo studio as a front for his illegal activities. Satbir falls in love with Neena (Priya Bathija), a journalist who is investigating the crime scene in Delhi. He decides to quit his life of crime and start afresh with Neena. However, things get complicated when Shukla ji assigns him a big job that involves stealing from a politician's house. Satbir has to choose between his love and his loyalty to his mentor.

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The movie is a hilarious comedy that showcases the life of the lower class people in Delhi and their struggles with the law, society, and their own conscience. The movie also has some witty dialogues and funny situations that will make you laugh out loud. The movie has a rating of 6.7/10 on IMDb and 3/5 on Times of India. The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for its realistic portrayal of the city and its characters.

If you want to watch The Chor Chor Super Chor full movie in Hindi 720p, you can find it online on various streaming platforms. You can watch it on JioCinema, Apple TV, or Prime Video. You can also download it from iTunes or Eros Now Select. The movie is available with subtitles in Arabic and English. The movie has a run time of 1 hour and 39 minutes and is rated U/A by the censor board.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and enjoy this comedy caper that will make you laugh and think at the same time. Watch The Chor Chor Super Chor full movie in Hindi 720p today!


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