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Download Captain Claw Game For Free Full Version

Download Captain Claw Game for Free Full Version

Are you a fan of classic platform games? Do you love pirate adventures and anthropomorphic animals? If so, you might want to try Captain Claw, a 2D side-scroller game published by Monolith Productions in 1997. In this game, you play as Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw, a cat pirate who escapes from prison and sets out to find the Amulet of Nine Lives, a mystical artifact that grants its wearer near-immortality. Along the way, you will fight enemies, solve puzzles, collect treasure, and face off against your arch nemesis, Captain Red Tail, a lion who is also after the amulet.

Captain Claw is a fun and challenging game that features colorful graphics, smooth animations, catchy music, and witty voice acting. The game has 14 levels, each with its own theme and boss. You can use your sword, pistol, dynamite, and magic claws to defeat your foes, as well as various items and power-ups to aid you in your quest. The game also has a multiplayer mode, where you can play with or against other players online or on a local network.


If you want to download Captain Claw game for free full version, you have a few options. One of them is to use the official website of the game's developer, Monolith Productions. There, you can find the original game installer, as well as patches and updates that fix some bugs and improve compatibility with modern systems. You can also download custom levels and mods created by fans of the game.

Another option is to use the website of Captain Claw Remake Project, a fan-made initiative that aims to recreate the game using HTML5 technology. This means that you can play the game in your browser, without having to install anything on your computer. The project is still in development, and only the first two levels are available at the moment. However, the developer plans to add more levels and features in the future.

Whichever option you choose, you are sure to enjoy playing Captain Claw, one of the best adventure games of its time. So what are you waiting for? Download Captain Claw game for free full version today and join the cat pirate on his epic journey!


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